Measuring an Aboveground Pool for a Replacement Liner

We get asked often enough, "How do you measure a for a replacement liner for an above ground pool?" Having just replied to one of these questions I figured I'd take that as an opportunity to re-purpose it on the site. Between Oval and Round pools there are very minor differences when it comes to measuring. For an oval you need to measure both the length and the width, on a round pool the diameter is needed. You should check that the measurement is consistent at a few points around the pool.

We also like to have the perimeter of the pool. Having the perimeter measurement allows us to double check and adjust a cutom liner to ensure that the liner will fit your pool. To do that you usually need a cloth tape measure, about a 100 foot long should work, and you measure around the top on the steel wall, under the top rail, where the liner overlaps (for overlap pools) or the bead clips in (for beaded pools).

The last piece of information needed is thewall height. Measure the distance from the top of the cove or sand bottom to the top of the wall (where the overlap or bead receiver is).

If we get this information, and it's acurate, we can ensure you'll be swimming in a fresh pool again in no time.